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Week 3: Gracious Reading

Begin by watching the short film and then consider the activity below.

Week 3:


Try any or all of the following and notice how you react to them.  

Lectio Divina: read a text from the Bible (or another source that is sacred to you) as if it were a letter from God to you. Read it slowly, savour it, read each sentence with great attention.   

Reading out loud: Choose a poem or piece of prose that you like and read it out loud in private.  

Notice and extend your reading activity: As your day unfolds, notice the different kinds of reading you use. If it helps, keep a journal of how many different approaches to reading you use over a week. Then consider being more intentional in the following week and include new kinds of reading; you may not usually do these, so consider including them: slow reading of poetry, spiritual reading of a great work of literature; joining a reading group. 

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