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Learning the
Language of Grace 

An online resource that will help you gain a deeper insight into graceful communication. These four easy-to follow sessions (for individuals or groups) include videos and activities that will help you to speak, listen, read and write with grace

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Image by Silviu Zidaru

Before you begin

Grace and gratitude come from the same Latin root gratia. Gratitude is one of the ways we receive and pass on grace. As a background to the whole month, here’s an exercise to keep you focused on gratitude.  

● Take time each morning (maybe five or ten minutes) simply to give thanks for being alive. Name to yourself the good things in your life: the people, good memories, present blessings, future possibilities. Then look more broadly, giving thanks for the local community, for those dedicated to supporting others. More widely still, give thanks for the world and its beauty.  

● If you are a person of faith, give thanks for the spirit of God present in your life and in the world. Read Psalm 95 (94 in some editions), a prayer of thanks and praise.  

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